Suite of Unified Grid Analyses with Renewables (SUGAR™)

Advanced software for planning the modern grid.

Simulate the most challenging transmission planning problems.

Industry-leading convergence robustness makes it simple to analyze extreme contingencies, stressed grid scenarios, and high-renewable penetration. Compatible with industry-standard file formats.

Locate, quantify, and visualize power deficiencies in the grid.

Feasibility analysis quantifies real and/or reactive power deficiencies throughout the system, highlighting the root cause of grid collapse or pinpointing problems in the grid model.

Run N-k contingencies in parallel.

Pearl Street's cloud-deployed option automatically scales infrastructure to meet simulation demand. Upload a contingency file and we'll do the rest.

Track changes to grid models and keep records of simulations automatically.

All edits to input files and simulation settings are automatically logged, making it easy to review old cases and maintain a history of changes.

Generate PDF reports summarizing simulations and violations.

Simulation settings, logs, voltage and thermal violations, and system infeasibility are automatically saved to a PDF for every power flow case to make reporting straightforward.

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