Reduce weeks of work to minutes by automating creation of base case planning models with SUGAR™.

Base case planning models are the foundation of future grid reliability and infrastructure investment decisions. SUGAR™ automates the creation of high-quality planning models in minutes.

Automatically translate production cost models to full AC reliability models.

SUGAR™ pinpoints and quantifies real and reactive power imbalances due to production cost modeling approximations and optimally redispatches grid resources to achieve a feasible AC case.

Stitch together models and resolve inconsistencies at the seams.

Automatically redispatch generation and reactive support devices to achieve target voltage levels and area interchanges.

Customize corrective actions to automate model generation.

Choose which units can be redispatched, where new equipment can be placed, and what control actions can occur.

Create models compatible with your workflow and tools.

SUGAR™ supports industry-standard formats for inputs and outputs, making it easy to integrate in an existing workflow.