Leverage existing assets to meet future reliability needs and optimally plan system upgrades with SUGAR™.

Planning transmission and substation infrastructure upgrades is fundamental to maintaining a safe, reliable grid as the electric power system continues to evolve. SUGAR™ can help inform expansion decisions by providing localized, quantified information on reliability violations and potential collapse conditions.

Make the most of existing facilities to address reliability needs.

SUGAR™ finds power flow solutions that best utilize available capacity without triggering reliability violations.

Optimally place new infrastructure to fix persistent violations.

SUGAR™'s feasibility analysis and constraint models pinpoint where network upgrades are needed to meet reliability criteria, for both real and reactive power problems.

Optimize across all base cases and contingencies at once.

Run security-constrained optimization to find network expansion solutions that are automatically N-1 secure.

Model high renewable penetration scenarios and conventional generation retirements.

Determine network upgrades needed to support the evolution of the generation mix.