Plan for the most complex contingencies and extreme grid conditions using SUGAR™.

Generation variability, extreme weather, and aging infrastructure require comprehensive planning strategies. SUGAR™ can simulate the most complex grid contingencies with industry-leading convergence robustness.

Pinpoint buses or load pockets with real and/or reactive power deficiencies.

SUGAR™ localizes and quantifies power imbalances that represent voltage collapse or inability to serve the scheduled load, allowing for targeted corrective actions.

Simulate the most challenging events in compliance studies.

SUGAR™ can simulate cascading events and custom mitigation actions to identify contingencies that lead to a system blackout.

Easily parallelize N-k and N-1-1 contingency simulations.

SUGAR™'s flexible Python-based API accommodates batch computing and multiprocessing.

Spend less time debugging failed simulations of critical events.

SUGAR™ can solve the most challenging scenarios and output actionable information even for those that lead to grid collapse.