Identify high-value locations and project sizes for storage and renewables using SUGAR™.

Renewable and storage project development continues to grow. SUGAR™ can analyze a utility footprint and identify buses with tangible grid reliability benefits, helping to inform project placement and sizing.

Focus on "should" instead of "could."

SUGAR™ identifies not just points with capacity that could support a project, but those that should, where the project offers tangible reliability benefits.

Rank buses with value for projects, considering transmission deferral, voltage support, and other benefits.

Renewable and storage projects can support grid reliability in many ways. SUGAR™ provides a matrix of data to quantify that support across a variety of categories.

Assess generation capacity across all buses in a utility footprint with full AC precision.

SUGAR™'s security-constrained optimization can simulate power injection at each node to estimate available capacity.

Generate reports and supporting documentation to include in responses to RFIs and RFPs.

SUGAR™'s simulation results quantify project impacts on future grid reliability concerns, which can be used to justify an interconnection.